​Willie T's Dawgs & Burgers

Miss T

Vice President/Boss

After 29 years in the rat race of Fortune 500 business, Willie T has finally taken the step of Freedom. Opened December 2, 2016 our restaurant features great food, music, sports, good conversation, and did I mention, great food. Our chili was perfected many years ago, and we have delighted many friends on football Saturdays with our Dawgs & Burgers. Our opening of Willie T's Dawgs & Burgers in Historic Hiram, GA will be our way of introducing to the world to the "Best Damn Dawgs & Burgers", Good Music, and Great Friends. We appreciate where we live, and understand that Dog is Spelled "Dawg" and no fans are more loyal than Dawg fans. We invite Dawg fans and all College Fans to drop by, hear some good music, watch some sports, and enjoy the best damn Dawgs & Burgers that you will ever have! 

​                                                                               Willie T

We're located in the heart of Historic Hiram. Our next door neighbor is Olive Tree, and City Hall is next door. Here's a map, but if you get lost, just give us a call and we'll tell you how to get here. 

Our History

Willie T


Our dining is on a first come, first served basis. However, if you have a large party, are planning an event, or need catering services, drop us a line and we'll hook you up. Text us your order @ 404-807-1618 and let us know what time you want to pick-up. We deliver in Hiram area for $20 minimum and $2 delivery fee.

Find Willie T's

The Original Willie with his queen and the princess

Willie T's Dawgs & Burgers

159-A Main St.

Hiram, GA 30141 US



Willie T’s Dawgs & Burgers

July Holiday Schedule


Saturday                July 1st            Fireworks 8am-9pm

Monday                  July 3rd           8am-3pm

Tuesday                  July 4th           8am-3pm

Friday                     July 7th           11am-3pm

Saturday                July 8th           8am-3pm

Monday                  July 10th          11am-3pm

Tuesday                  July 11th          11am-3pm

Wednesday            July 12th          11am-3pm

Thursday                July 13th          11am-3pm

Friday                    July 14th          11am-3pm

Saturday                July 15th          8am-3pm

Monday                  July 17th          11am-3pm

Tuesday                  July 18th          11am-3pm     

Wednesday            July 19th          11am-3pm

Thursday                July 20th          11am-3pm

Friday *                  July 21st          11am-7pm

Saturday                July 22nd         8am-3pm

Monday                  July 23rd         11am-3pm

Tuesday                  July 24th          11am-3pm     

Wednesday            July 25th          11am-3pm

Thursday                July 26th          11am-3pm

Friday *                  July 27th          11am-7pm

Saturday                July 28th          8am-3pm

Monday                  July 30th          11am-3pm

Tuesday                  July 31st          11am-3pm

Special Friday hours staying open until 7pm***

The Family &

The Godfather with His Queen

Our Team